Salem Swamp Press
From the hills and hollows of Central Pennsylvania, this
collection of true tales of the uncanny will raise the hair
on the back of your neck.  Meet the headless dog, tour
the Bloody Triangle.  Read about the house trailer, a gift,
complete with the specters of the previous occupants.  
Welcome a spirit nanny into the house, as did one of the
story tellers in this volume.  There are more than just the
spirits on the shelf at Penn’s Tavern.  How  about the
ghosts that don’t leave at closing time?  All this and
much more, but let us offer a word of caution for those
faint at heart, when you’ve finished reading this book -
keep the lights burning!

128 pages
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The Headless Dog
and Other Far-Fetched Extraordinary True Tales
Central Pennsylvania
Crackpot, inventor, curbside philosopher, wheeler, dealer,
a man with a plan, a dreamer.
 This is the story of Albert Willis, an
old man posed at the edge of a hole six feet deep, with a message and an
invention he believes will benefit all mankind.  His invention is a group of
turning wheels, flashing lights and fancy decals.  He calls it a computer.  It’
s not.  The message that he has to deliver is a mixed up jumble of thoughts
hidden in lines of poetry painstakingly penned, and put into a manual that
repeats, repeats, repeats the same warning over and over again.
Following a chance meeting, Betty, a young woman, fresh out of art school
with dreams of her own, becomes his reluctant disciple.  She chooses to
help Willis fulfill his dream of getting his message to the world.  She keeps
any skepticism to herself because after all, it’s his dream, not hers, so
what does it matter what he thinks?  Until the end.  Sometimes those
dreams that seem the craziest make the most sense, when we come to
understand the source.

198 pages
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The Headless Dog is
available locally at these
Shade Mountain Winery at
16140 Pennsylvania Rt. 104,
Middleburg, PA 17842

Lycoming County Historical
Society Thomas T. Taber
Museum 858 West 4th St.,
Williamsport, PA 17701

Joseph Priestly House
Museum Store
472 Priestly Avenue
Northumberland, PA 17857

Northumber Country
Historical Society
1150 N Front St
Sunbury, PA 17801

Susquehanna River Vally
Visitors Center
81 Hafer Rd
Lewisburg, PA 17837
A futuristic historical existential pastoral road poem thriller mystery.

In the year 1997, junk cites are ruled by behemoth corporations and an elite of
governmental, professional, and similar special interest organizations,
socioeconomic inequality, social strife, and overconsumption (to name just a few ills)
run rampant, and the bulk of people, if they can afford it, scurry about on crowded
highways in high-powered vehicles, for which the state readily grants licenses for
their legal operation.
But two renegade women, known collectively as TZB-1003, Tizsa and Brocolee
respectively, depart from the city late one October night and travel in their car up the
central Susquehanna River valley, through the Appalachian Mountains, and into the
Genesee River valley, areas of the country only sporadically touched by civilization.  
Their erratic movements arouse the attention of several ghosts from the region’s
past, including John Harris, father of the founder of Harrisburg, and his former slave,
Hercules; John Mason, the Hermit of Blue Hill; Indian chiefs Shikellamy and
Sasoonan; and lumber baron Peter Herdic and his community of admirers.   Along
the way the women pick up several hitchhikers, one of whom in a former life was
Regina Shultz, friend of fellow “Native abductee” Mary Jemison, the White Woman of
the Genesee.
Also, from the outset of their trip, Tizsa and Brocolee are followed by another car –
and it is not at all clear why.
No one knows exactly where Tizsa and Brocolee are going, and from what anybody
can tell, they probably don’t know exactly where they’re going either.

228 pages
$15.00 USD
Shipping and handling $4.00
A Narrative
In Search of Various
Heretofore Unwitnessed Wonders
An incantatory and melodramatic unfolding of space and time.

The full title of this short novel is A Narrative Based on the Fidelious Journal of
Fernando Guillaume Faulstern Parker Giving a Most Accurate Account of his
Voyage In Search of Various Heretofore Unwitnessed Wonders, Of His Escape
from Slavery and Bondage, & of Further Interesting Travels to & through
Unknown Lands, Including an essay upon the Travails of Establishing A
Profitable Enterprise Therein & an Elegy on the Death of his Dear Guide &
Companion, the Lovely & Courageous Princess Mmoomtuktli.

104 pages
$10.00 USD
Shipping and handling $4.00
Good old Spot comes to life in this charmingly illustrated and
playfully worded story of Spot's favorite spots!

Large print 42 pages

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