Salem Swamp Press
Beverley Conrad will pretty much believe anything anyone tells
her especially if they start out with, “Hey, do you want to hear a
story?  It’s true.”  She will in turn pass the story on as it was told to
her, slathering a little extra jam on the bread where necessary as a
way of filling in details.  A musician, artist and writer for many years,
she is a twice published author and has a great deal of writing on the
Internet about music and food.  Known locally as the Fiddlewoman,
she often combines stories and music into historical and
imaginative presentations.  She and Greg met at Grand Central
Station in NYC thirty something years ago.  On account of a dream
she had where she saw the face of a certain young man, she had no
qualms about initiating a conversation with Greg when he held the
door for her.  He looked just like the guy in her dream.  For more
stories and writing about the fiddle, her main instrument, visit her
website at  She lives outside of
Selinsgrove, PA in a haunted house in Salem Swamp.

Gregory Burgess, best known for his skills as a musician, has
published fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in The Journal of
Experimental Fiction, neotrope, gestalten, The Seed, Indian-Artifacts
Magazine, and Paranormal Pennsylvania.  His novel Walks with
Mway, the preposterous blog of Sisyphus Gregor, appears online.  
He lives with his wife, Beverley, and the ghost of George Rowe in an
old farmhouse in the Bloody Triangle, surrounded nightly by prowling
brown panthers and headless dogs.